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Get ready for three action-packed days filled with moments that will last a lifetime and Learning Capsules, Flavors, Instructor Trainings and Boosts to take your Zumba® career to new heights. Get updated on what the Home Office is doing at the Kickoff Session and kick it with your friends at our world-famous Fitness-ConcertTM event.



  • Kickoff Session
  • Two Sessions Of Your Choice
  • Fitness-Concert™ Event



  • One Instructor Training Or Two Sessions Of Your Choice
  • Saturday Night Event



  • One Instructor Training Or Two Sessions Of Your Choice


The early bird gets the credits! Register now for awesome pre-con opportunities to pump up your skills and certifications.

ACE Group Exercise Leadership Specialty Certification

Credits: ACE 0.8

Designed to supplement the expertise of instructors who are currently teaching pre-choreographed programs, this instructor training will cover foundational knowledge of exercise and movement science and how it applies to group exercise class design, implementation and modification. Participants will also learn teaching techniques, strategies for improved safety and other essential instructional skills that will enrich their group classes. Fitness professionals who attend this one-day course will leave with time-tested ACE strategies that will help them take their careers to the next level. Following successful completion of a final online assessment to be completed at home, instructors will hold an ACE specialty certification.

"This class was excellent! It enriched my teaching experience and gave me the basic tools I needed to understand fitness at a higher level. I believe every person who is considering teaching Zumba or other formats should take this ACE Group Exercise Leadership Specialty Certification. If this had been offered to me when I first started I would have taken it immediately."
Juanita – Casa Grande, AZ

"Given the fact that a certification from ACE is highly recognized in the fitness industry, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to register for this specialty certification course. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable, and the delivery and presentation were phenomenal. The course really emphasized proper body mechanics during a workout and how movements prepare you for daily life. I feel more confident now as a Zumba instructor, especially since I now know the movements I teach are safe, effective, functional and enjoyable for everyone."
Gabrielle – Miami, FL

Please note that there are no pre-requisite educational requirements to attend the Group Exercise Leadership Specialty Certification workshop.

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Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Primary Group Exercise Certification [Available in English & Spanish]

Through practical application and theoretical knowledge, enhance your instructional techniques, cueing skills and overall performance as a Zumba® Instructor. Offered in both English and Spanish formats, this certification program includes an 8-hour workshop, study guide, and written and practical exams. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Basic anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics
  • Injury prevention, emergency response and special populations
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Basic business skills and professional/legal responsibilities
  • Exercise selection, technique, alignment and performance

"Me siento orgullosa de ser certificada por AFAA! Asistiendo este curso de certificación a mejorado mis habilidades de instrucción y me dio la confianza para dirigir mis clases de Zumba®. Elegí AFAA porque AFAA tiene un reconocimiento internacional y es acreditado con un estándar ideal desde 1983."
Rocio – Mexico

"I am proud to be AFAA Certified! Attending this certification course enhanced my instructing skills and gave me the confidence to lead my Zumba® classes. I chose AFAA because AFAA is an internationally recognized, accredited and a gold standard since 1983."
Rocio – Mexico

"Choosing the AFAA certification was the best choice I have made in my fitness career. I learned how to apply safe and effective training principles to my classes, as well as daily activities. I learned which muscles are being worked, the importance of muscle balance and flexibility and how to teach a safe and effective class for all-level participants. I recommend all Zumba® Instructors take themselves to their next level and attend the AFAA Certification."
Alice – Hong Kong

ZIN™ Members will receive one free 45-minute online study session with a live AFAA Certification Specialist using AFAA's unique learning and web conferencing platform, Multitraining Live®.

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